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Nine Digits Seedery wants you to experience the joys of container gardening & growing your own delicious produce as we do. Follow us through the growing seasons and learn how rewarding it is to provide you and your family with healthy, tasty fresh produce.



Greetings from Dave & Josie,

Our interest in container gardening was a fortunate side effect of Dave's own personal misfortune. A few years ago Dave was on the receiving end of a serious automobile accident that left him with reduced muscle strength in his right hand. As part of his therapy, Dave thought that starting a container garden would not only benefit the strength recovery of his hand but also benefit us by providing fresh, home-grown produce and by saving on those costs we would normally spend at the grocery store. The benefits and pleasures received from growing and harvesting our own vegetables and herbs happily continues today. 

Starting out with just a few types of seeds, away we went! We were entering uncharted territories without a compass.....or at least, that's how I felt. Dave was much more confident that we could pull this off, since he knows much more about the subject than I do, I followed his lead. Trial and error was the only way to really feel it out and find our footing. We stepped lightly the first year.

After mistakes like over-watering, moving the process along prematurely, absently over-water and contaminating the seeds and not being aware of the sometimes subtle clues that there may be a problem manifesting, we finally produced our first healthy and edible crop....be it small. There will always be missteps when first starting out; it's how we learn.

We experimented first with lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and green onions. Now we have confidently incorporated much more; adding cucumbers, various lettuces and tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, butternut squash, garlic, herbs and much more. 

The thrill of watching these tiny seeds grow and produce such an abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs is amazing and the taste compares to none.


Join us as we document the seasons of container gardening, from the soil up!  

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